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What are you looking for in a photography studio? Do you need space, props, and free parking? Are you on the hunt for something with an urban feel or something more rustic to fit your needs? There’s no denying that Boston has some of the best studios around. Whether it’s high-end fashion work or family portraits, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Check out our list of the best Boston photography studio to rent!

Allston Photography Studio by Nile H. 

Nile’s studio offers a spacious and flexible location. With natural light, the place is perfect for product photo shoots, fashion shoots, headshots, documentaries, and even interview video shoots. 

With a booking of at least 2 hours, you get access to this pretty studio with a lot of amenities. This includes a 24/7 doorless key, numerous paper, and canvas backdrops, windows with blackout blinds, furniture, and other props. The place also has air conditioning ready to beat the summer heat and for your models to stay fresh. 

The space is not guaranteed to be 100% private, but it’s still a great place for you and your friends. Another company is using a room in the studio. Though a separate room, they have to access the main studio to get into it. They may or may not be present at the time of your shoot- but worry not! A need for absolute provacy during your shoot can be arranged. Let the host know when you inquire about your booking and they will reserve the room. It may come at an additional cost but it will be for the entirety of your time in the studio.

For those looking for parking spaces, the studio has onsite parking. You can even park on the street or in a nearby parking lot.

This spacious photography studio is located in Allston, Boston, MA. 

Visit here for bookings.

Boston’s Finest Studio by Giovanni F. 

Want a sure space that has received a lot of good reviews? A massive parking lot? A very responsive host? Then look no further! Giovanni’s studio not only has all of the equipment that you may need. He is also very professional towards his clients that many people love.   

This studio, located at Cedar Grove Boston MA, is not just for photoshoots but also perfect for production and music videos. Space has a 640 square feet ground floor with 12-foot ceilings to give you an epic feel every time! There’s even a huge loading dock door that makes it easy to load in your camera equipment. It also let’s in natural light during the day so all of your shots are flawless.

The studio has lighting equipment, blackout blinds, a green screen, and a white backdrop. They also have a changing area, and a hair and a make-up area. All these can be available for rent 24/7 for a day, a whole week or even just an hour. 

Give this studio a chance and it might be a great help when working with your photoshoots!

Bookings can be made here.

Allston Studio Space by Adam D. 

Update: Due to COVID19 restrictions, this space allows a maximum capacity of 5 people. Rentals are booked every other day to ensure the safety of every client. 

This affordable photography studio offers a cozy atmosphere with an open layout for many uses. It includes a client area and a full-service kitchen. There is also easy access to the freight elevator with parking just outside of it.

Amenities that can be used in the space include a lot of chairs and tables. They even a coffee bar if you need one for your photoshootor would just want some coffee! They have windows to let full natural light come in or if not. You can control the light using a blackout shade and a sheer roller blade that is put in every window. You may need to ask for any additional items you might want. They have a range of lighting and grip equipment that can be made available as well with an extra cost depending on the item needed.

You can find this studio in Allston, Boston, MA. For bookings, visit this website here.

Boston Creative Fashion Space by Donielle M. 

Photography, videography, virtual runways, small music videos, and so much more! These can be done in a 1,000 square feet space located in East Boston, Boston, MA.  

They also have wide-open white wall space and decorative themed wallpaper to make your shoots unique. Other amenities would be rolling racks, steamer, and a photography backdrop with white paper on-site. Pivo and ring lights are available for the perfect photo session! Furniture and props will be at your disposal so you can get creative. Lastly, the studio offers a gold/black moonlit runway and a blank canvas backdrop too if you’re feeling adventurous!

What are you waiting for? Book this studio by clicking here.

Modern Black Film Studio by Kai Z. 

This studio, also located in Allston in the basement of a hair salon, is perfect for artists and performers alike! This space can host photography, dances, classes, and even general filming. 

The Black studio is the perfect place to find a new look. The walls and ceiling are black with mirrors on one side, making it easy for people of all shapes and sizes to see themselves in their favorite outfit choice. On the opposite side, there’s a seating area for models to rest or those who are on standby. 

The studio also is more than a place for rehearsals, it’s also a hub of creativity and delightful detail! In this space, they offer customized lighting such as tube lights or color-changing LEDs that make everyone feel like their outfit pops off the stage even with minimal makeup on. The hosts can also set up a sound and video system for your live streaming needs!

While natural light is not available (since it is a BLACK studio), the studio has a variety of lighting setups that can be selected to create the perfect mood for your shoot. If you’re feeling adventurous, or time-pressed and don’t want to spend hours trying different positions with lights, they also offer add-ons so they can customize the lighting and replicate whatever effect it is you desire instead of having all hands on deck running around wildly to get it done!

Visit here for bookings and additional information.

Somerville Studios

Somerville Studios is a studio rental building that can be accessed by professionals who require ample space for photoshoots, video production, and workshops. The studios are spacious enough to accommodate large productions while still being affordable without the high overhead expenses of conventional studios.

Somerville Studios features a Cyclorama Studio with all the equipment you need to get creative. The studio includes wall corner conditions, two fully equipped hair, and makeup stations, lounge spaces for relaxation before or after shoots, coat racks that can accommodate coats of any size, and steamers in case clients want their clothes pressed just right. They also provide light stands to hold up those lights so they’re always shining on your subject at the perfect angle—plus softboxes if it’s time for really high-key portraits! With gray seamless backdrops available too (not everyone has black), this is one of Somerville’s premier studios where creatives are sure to find inspiration here every day.

For those who want some extra equipment, rentals are available in their studio. You can rent camera lenses, camera kits, light kits, dolly kits, and a lot more!

If you’re a Boston photographer who’s interested in this beautiful space, Somerville Studios is located at 343 Medford St, Somerville, MA which is just 15 minutes from Boston.

Visit their website here and take a look at their gorgeous spaces.

Lens Locker Studio

LensLockers Studio is a one-stop-shop for all your photography and videography needs. From their original roots in dance, the studio has now been converted into an innovative place to shoot with minimal set-up time required. Whether you’re just starting or shooting professionally with large teams, LensLocker’s space can accommodate it.

LensLockers Studio is more than a backdrop and lights, it’s an opportunity for creativity. With the infinity backdrop that creates the illusion of infinite space combined with powerful strobes, an integrated workstation, and much more; this studio claims that nothing can stop you from what you’re meant to do – create your reality through limitless creative expression!

Also included in the space rental is an 800 Square Feet studio bay, full controlled lighting, a makeup and changing room, a conference room, and even a reception area for your clients! Don’t worry about needing extra gear as they have a lot of studio equipment for you to rent at an affordable price. 

Lens Locker Studio is located at 24 Roland St, MA. You can also visit teir website here.

Modern Studio w/ Full Kitchen by Olivia C. 

If you’re a photographer based in Boston and are looking for a studio that is just minutes away from the airport, then this place might be for you. 

This newly renovated Boston-based photography/video rental facility is conveniently located just minutes from Logan Airport in East Boston and provides you with unlimited free parking so that there’s no wait time as guests leave after a long but fulfilling shooting session. The perfect location for a photo or video shoot, this studio offers 2,500 sq. ft of open space with all the amenities needed to make your event successful.

They have chairs, a sofa, lounge space, a full kitchen, a wardrobe rack, and a steamer. They also have shooting equipment like C- stands and camera stands, apple boxes, and sandbags. There’s a lot of natural light too and they’re coming from 14’ windows that are outfitted with blackout curtains. 

Visit this pretty kitchen studio by clicking here.

Newton Rental Studios

If you’re not content with shooting in just one studio then Newton Rental Studios has three beautiful spaces for you! When you’re looking for a place to shoot your latest masterpiece, look no further. Newton Rental Studios has three studios and one common area with all the amenities needed for an efficient production process. Blackout curtains in each of these spaces help keep out unwanted light sources while rolling racks make it easy to move anything from furniture pieces or equipment that can’t be set up permanently inside the studio space itself. Get ready fast thanks to WiFi access as well as their laser printer which is on-site just waiting for some ink!

If you want a cyc wall with a white epoxy floor, then you can rent yourself the West Studio with a ceiling height up to 12 feet. If you prefer wooden floors, then go for the south studio or the east studio that also offers east lighting. 

Newton Rental Studios also offers equipment rental. They carry Profoto and Arri equipment but if you want a full list of what equipment they can offer, simply contact them so you can be accommodated!

Newton Rental Studio is located at 217 California St, Newton, MA. 

Check out their instagram account @newtonrentalstudios!

Found your perfect studio?

Boston is a bustling city filled with the best in arts, culture, and architecture. It also offers photographers an abundance of studio spaces for rent to suit any type of shoot they’re looking to do. Whether you need a bright white background or just some natural light spilling into your space, there are many studios available that will be perfect for what you have in mind. 

What other Boston Photography studio rental do you think our readers should consider?

Let us know in the comments below! You can also visit some of my fashion photography ideas right here!

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