Chase Sapphire Reserve x AFAR Travel Magazine

I worked with JP Morgan Chase to capture a “Local’s guide to Austin” as part of their launch for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve Airport lounges!

In 36 hours, my assistant and I photographed six locations with a quick obligatory break to savor a Texas sized plate of BBQ. The shot list included the beautifully designed Austin Proper Hotel, the delightfully eclectic Contemporary Museum, the trailblazing (512) Brewery, and portraits of a talented muralist Rex Hamilton with some of his stunning work.

These are a couple favorites from Chase’s travel guide to Boston.  I was excited for the opportunity to photograph my home city guide as well!

During the creative call, I was asked if I could recommend any “local experts” to assist the AFAR writers.  “Yes! Me!”, I blurted out.  Having been born and raised in Boston, it was meaningful that I was able to contribute to the research by tapping into my network of small businesses and help showcase locally loved locations in Boston for the article.