Livability Magazine

I’ve lived in Quincy, MA for my entire life. It was a joy to be able to photograph so many incredible people and establishments to feature for Livability!

Special thanks to all of the awesome people that helped put this together, and for the wonderful people I got to meet and reconnect with: Tim Cahill, Ian Cain, Renee Fry, @Julie fry, @John O’Keefe,

Quincy Chamber of Commerce, Gentreo, QUBIC Labs, IntelyCare, The Pour Yard

Jessica Spence // Journal Communications Inc. – Thank you for this awesome assignment! The people were awesome. The commute was fantastic. I’m so happy at the photos that you chose!

and thank you to Kelly Chan for assisting and being an all-around positive force.

The Quincy Chamber recently entered a partnership with Livability Media, a custom media publishing company located in Tennessee, to develop and implement a print and digital communication marketing program to tell the story of Quincy and our quality-of-life for tourism and talent attraction.

Livability Quincy, Massachusetts an annual print magazine and digital content marketing program, encourages business investment, talent recruitment and relocation by reaching entrepreneurs, site selectors, corporate executives, and talented individuals and families attracted to our quality of life.

We hope you’ll join us in spreading the word about the many benefits of living and doing business in Quincy.”