Image library for Boston hotel, XV Beacon

Our objective for the Boston hotel’s image library was to create dynamic, fresh and exciting photos that would speak volumes about their downtown Boston property.

In order achieve this, I strategized with the XV Beacon team to create a set of scenes that would be productive to highlight for this . This included an anniversary date night, a family checking into a hotel, and traveling business people. 

 I wore many hats that day: art director, co-producer, digi tech, as well as photographer. Like all shoots this year, we kept the crew nimble and small. Boston hotel photography has lots of moving parts, and many messages that the hotel wants to convey. 

We pulled in non-professional talent for this Boston hotel photo shoot, including my gorgeous former college  roommate and her husband and real employees of the Boston hotel.

Special thanks to Jackie Wright and Sydney Hunt for crushing it with hair and makeup! 

Extra special thanks to Jackie for taking awesome behind the scenes photos! 

I’m so excited for XV Beacon to use these Boston hotel marketing  images on social media to show viewers what a boutique luxury hotel stay looks and feels like!

Below are the final images!