Boston Photographer Nicole Loeb,
Commercial Lifestyle and Portrait

I’m Nicole Loeb. I am a Boston photographer and videographer, telling vibrant and joyful stories for commercial brands.

Though I was born and raised in Boston, I do not have the accent and I’m not a Masshole. I’ve photographed almost all of the big name Boston sports players, but I know nothing about sports. I talked to Tom Brady about doing laundry.

I’m a Boston editorial photographer for magazines, and I’ve photographed everyone from billionaire entrepreneurs, private chefs, vegan personal trainers, really cute babies in organic clothing, and rock climbing legends.

Because of my background in management consulting, I feel comfortable in the Boston corporate photographer world, helping companies with their Boston headshots and Boston candid office life photos. During our pre-production calls, I’m happy to help brainstorm content that would perform well on social as well as websites.