Boston Lifestyle Photographer

Boston lifestyle photographer is a high demand job and it’s no surprise why.

We all know that a photographer is the most important factor to make an event memorable. They will make your memories come to life. They specialize in taking photos that show the city and local culture.

Do you own a business? Do you want to show potential customers that your company is professional, innovative, and has the latest technology? A Boston lifestyle photographer who specialize in corporate photography can provide you with beautiful images!

Boston Lifestyle Photography

Boston lifestyle photography is essential to showcase a way of life that is made better with a service or product.

It showcases people in their environments

Photos and videos can depict a relaxing scene for a luxury resort, an adventurer using a new gadget on his/her travels, or a parent and baby interacting with a product.

Some have described lifestyle photography as a “slice of life” or a “frozen candid moment” – but of course, with great styling (props, makeup, hair, wardrobe).

Perfectly Capture Your Brand Essence

The pictures you get from this are essential in establishing your brand’s identity and having an engaging social media presence, since it is central to a good marketing strategy.

You would need to find a photographer that is a perfect fit to apply your company’s marketing goals along with the feeling of experience and capturing emotion on images.

If you want your photography to reflect a certain tone, it’s important that you choose someone who is as passionate about the right equipment as they are about taking photos.

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Business

The Right Niche

There are many niches of lifestyle photography.

I always recommend finding a Boston lifestyle photographer who has worked in your industry before and can show images that are similar in look/feel to the ones you’d like to create.

Personality and Culture Fit is Essential

I speak to many creative directors, business owners, and marketing heads on creative calls. I always strive to understand the purpose of the photos and videos that we’re creating.

These creative calls are also great so that clients and creative directors can get a feel for my personality, the energy I bring to the set, and my experience in working with different locations, set changes, stylists, talent etc.

My Way of Capturing the Boston Lifestyle

When it comes to corporate lifestyle imagery, there are many options for companies looking to step up their content.

But if you’re considering hiring a photographer or videographer who can capture authentic moments and construct compelling stories through images, then I’m worth a try.

I am driven by my curiosity and adventurous nature, desire to explore and passion for people. This is what I always try to show in my work

The way I capture work-day moments as they unfold, exploring company culture and creating engaging stories about the people who make up your business make up my corporate lifestyle images.

I always make sure to have high-contrast lighting and a balanced color palette in my photographs to make it pleasing to the eye.

Your Best Moments

Lifestyle photography involves taking pictures of people who are doing something they love. I have done this for yoga classes, gyms and even a rock climbing wall!

I’ve done a lot of photography with clothing lines, custom formal wear and fashion shoots. I love working with those because it’s always fun to see what people will be wearing next season.

My past work includes taking photos of people at work before, like in a typical office.

As a lifestyle photographer, I’ve also done portraits of travel, food, as well as portraits of people’s experiences with hospitality in hotels.

Let’s Create Your Campaign!

You already have your goals for the type of content you want, you have also considered possible photographers to hire to capture your product, another thing you have to consider is the type of people you need to hire to be in the photographs.

Should you use agency talent or real people for your campaign?

This is something you always have to consider.

The choice of using agency talent or real people for your campaign can be a difficult one. There are many factors that come into play when deciding on which option is best, but there is no clear-cut answer as to what will work better in the end.

Pros to using Real People

The “realness” of using clients that actually utilize your products and services may have a wonderful organic feel. 

It will also allow you to get the most accurate feedback on how they interact with any given product or service in order for it to be tweaked so as not to alienate users who are less familiar with what it is all about.

I’ve seen real families have wonderful chemistry together on set (even though there are agency-represented families, too).

Pros to using Agency Talent

I find that using models helps to save time on set.

Agency models are professionals. Not only do they have a better idea of what is being asked of them, but they understand the shoot process more quickly as well.

A creative director can say “do this, and please do it elegantly”, and that’s part of their skillset. Having experienced models that can evoke a range of emotions on cue is far easier than coaxing a real person, who may be very attractive, but may not have on-camera experience. 

The diverse background of models is one thing that agencies excel at. They have a wide range of different ages, ethnicities and hair colors to pick from!

Agency Talent Vs. Real People: Recap

If you’re looking for a more natural feel, then hiring real people is the way to go. There are many benefits to using real people in your shoots. First, they’re going to be more willing to try different poses if you ask them to, and it’ll give your clothing designs a unique look that is less manufactured than agency models.

However, if you want a certain look or style that only professionals can provide, such as modeling clothing by walking around in it from different angles and positions.

What now?

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your business. Now, do the same for your photos. Do you have great products or services to offer? Great! But without pictures that showcase what you can do, people may never know how valuable they are.

Nicole Loeb

Finding the right photographer for your business can be a daunting task. There are so many photographers to choose from and so much information about photography that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of images, pricing packages, and blog posts on what makes one better than another.

That is where I come in; as Boston’s premiere lifestyle photographer I am here to help take care of all those marketing needs so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. If hiring me sounds like a good idea, just let me know and we’ll get started right away on creating some amazing imagery for your company!

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