3 Reasons why interior designers should hire a professional interior design and architectural photographer in Boston.

1. Highest Quality Photography

Professional photographers are specialists, and they have the best equipment and expertise to get their job done. Their lights, angles, editing, and other techniques can make a space look its best. They are trained in the art of interior photography and know how to use every tool at their disposal to create images that tell a story or capture emotion in ways that can’t be done by non-professionals.

2. The Best Portfolio

The right image can make all the difference in getting noticed by potential clients or customers—and that’s why professional photography is such an investment in your business. It can also be used as marketing material and promotional tools which is essential for your online presence.

3. Best First Impression

I’m here to create photo and video content to make you, your team, and your space look their best.

In the world of interior design in Boston and New England, there is no better way to show off your work than with elevated images that show off your talents. Hiring a professional photographer is the key to making your work stand head and shoulders in the business.

Nicole Loeb, An award-winning photographer in Boston

Nicole Loeb is an award-winning photographer in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been a full-time photographer for the past twelve years in the Boston market.

5 Ways that Nicole Loeb’s process stands out as an interior designer photographer in Boston

1. Great team collaboration

Nicole doesn’t just rely on one person’s vision—her team can discuss and debate until they are satisfied with how things look. She knows that collaboration is key to getting great shots, so she ensures everyone has input into the process from start to finish.

2. Engaging clients using tethering

Another way Nicole stands out is using tethering. It can show clients the photos as you take them by tethering your camera to your computer. This is an effective technique for getting feedback and ensuring that everyone is satisfied with the final results.

3. Latest equipment

Nicole and her team are constantly learning about new equipment and techniques that allow them not just to capture but also manipulate light through multiple exposure techniques—so even if you have unique lighting conditions in your space, her team can make it happen!

4. Attention to detail in post-processing

One way Nicole stands out is through the amount of attention she pays to detail in post-processing editing. Her team will spend hours fine-tuning their images and making sure every detail is perfect. She knows that this is an important part of their work, and they take pride in making sure that everything is perfect before it’s published. 

This is one of the most important aspects of any photography project because it allows them to work with their clients on how they want their images presented.

5. Staging

Staging a room is a big part of what makes an interior designer’s photography stand out. Just like staging props in a photo shoot, the space should be designed to look beautiful and well-furnished, even if it’s not.

Every object, every surface, and every room is straightened, dusted, and shined for the perfect photograph. It’s a process that requires time and dedication, which means that each design she photographed is given the individual care it deserves.

As these examples show, interior design photography requires a very specific skill set in order to produce images that truly showcase the designer’s vision. And that’s why designers should hire a professional photographer—one who embodies all of these traits and has experience working closely with designers.

Whether you’re a small firm or a part of one of Boston’s design-forward companies, investing on interior photography can be highly beneficial. Not only will it help to promote your business, but it can also assist you in meeting new clients, and allowing you to expand more effectively. After all, who doesn’t love great photos?

I hope you’ll find the article useful, particularly if you’re in need of a pro to complete your professional portfolio. Nicole Loeb’s professionalism and skill makes her one of the most popular choices by client’s photography needs.

Check out her website for examples of her work and contact Nicole for a free quote on your project!

Website: https://www.nicoleloeb.com

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