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What style of Boston headshot is best for you?

You have one chance for a first impression.
Let’s make sure you look as amazing as you are.

Trusted by Joanne Chang, Hugh Hefner, Alex Honnold, and Boston’s favorite BIPOC & LGBTQ+ communities

Whether you are building a legacy, ascending to new heights (literally or figuratively), or breaking the glass ceilings, I am here to create the world’s best portrait of you.

I’m the Boston headshot photographer for people who hate having their photo taken.

I am here to help you look your best.

My portrait philosophy: I help take the pain and awkwardness out of having your photo taken. I’ll create a set of headshots that make you look confident, experienced, and approachable, while still showing off your personality!

My secret weapon is that I provide a lot of helpful posing direction. During your session, we’ll review your photos in real time so that we can make adjustments to your serial killer smile and crazy eyes.

What headshot style is best for you?

Solid background

This professional and minimalist look
Solid colored backdrops can be brought to your location or photographed in my studio.

Fuzzy background

I have basic “fuzzy background” options in my studio, and am also happy to travel on location (offices, parks, etc) to get more fuzzy backgrounds!

Modern headshots in this style offer a clean and more interesting take on traditional Boston Headshots because of its abstract background, photographed right in your office! Although they have the potential to be just as formal as seamless solid color backgrounds, their added color and variety can make an individual stand out from the crowd!

A Boston headshot taken in this way is also handy for social networks; you’re still right up top because of that environment it’s easy to see your face even if there are other people around or at least some form of background scenery something colorful but not too distracting.

On-location & Environmental Portrait

Groups & Team Photos

Show off your entire team in an environment that reflects the culture and personality of your company.

Office candids & Company culture

What’s included in my headshot session?

Coaching from start to finish

Many clients are initially nervous about posing, facial expressions, and angles. What they quickly realize is that I will give you plenty of direction and guidance.

Unlimited outfit changes

You will need more than one headshot and you will need them to look different. A variety of headshots is important to have for different uses – LinkedIn, press releases, podcasts, social media, tinder, etc.

Unlimited backgrounds

Again. VARIETY. I’ll even photograph on white or gray for you if you like vanilla.

Immediately review photos in real time

Approximately every 5 minutes, we will review your photos on a monitor. This gives you a chance to provide feedback and make adjustments to posing and expressions.

Flexbile session time

Exceptional portraits take time. The last thing I want you to feel is rushed.

Select your favorites

At the end of your session, we will review all the photos we’ve created so that you can make your final decision on which images you would like to purchase and to go to retouching.

Behind the scenes

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