Boston Corporate Video Production

It’s not hard to see why many people in Boston don’t think about investing in a Corporate Video for their company. They’re too busy running their business! They also think it would be too expensive hiring a Boston corporate video production company or that it wouldn’t make much of an impact on the company.

But actually, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Corporate video production. For example, videos can help you stand out from the competition. Videos also give potential customers more insight into what your company is all about. With this, you can convert them into paying customers! 

And finally, when you have a great corporate video for your company here in Boston, this will increase marketing conversions by up to 300%!

10 best corporate marketing videos 

In the past few years, marketing has gone to a new level with video. It’s not just about making a commercial anymore; it can be as simple as recording a quick interview or showing the production process of how your product is made. If you’re looking for ways to promote your business that will resonate more with potential customers and keep them interested in what you have to offer, check out this list of different types of corporate videos!

Company Profile Video

Company profile videos provide the perfect opportunity to introduce your company and services or products. A short, informative quality video that gives an overview of everything you have on offer will make potential clients feel welcome in no time!

A company profile video is a great way to show off who you are and what makes you the best in your industry. Information about purpose, history, or even an interview with CEO. This could all make for interesting content that may help people get involved.

Promotional Video

Promotional videos are a great way to get your brand name out there. Whether you need them for an advertising campaign, product launch, or just want more people on social media following what’s going on in real-time- these clips will do the trick! 

The best part about using video as a company promotion tool is that it works well across all platforms: TV broadcasting channels can also show off your new commercials while online viewing websites make sure you never miss any important updates from Facebook etcetera

Industrial Video

Industrial Videos are aiming to connect with people within the industry. Made for informative purposes, these videos can promote companies or raise awareness about products and services in different ways depending on your needs! They’re perfect examples of what we call “informative marketing”. These could range from being used at trade shows all way through investor involvement.

Social Media Videos

A social media video is an awesome way to engage with your clients and build a strong relationship. You can do this by creating short, often emotive videos that encourage viewers to share them on their timeline or anywhere else you want the message heard!

Social media videos are a powerful tool for marketers when it comes to targeting niche-specific groups of consumers. Digital algorithms are very effective in doing this!

Branding Videos

“You need a strong creative identity if you want to succeed as your brand” is what people know about. Videos for branding should have consistent visual themes with bold colors and unique fonts. This is done to reach out to the right audience and be remembered by potential customers who may not have heard of them before.

Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video is a great way to show off your product and service. This can help you connect with potential clients, especially those who are looking for something new! A celebrity endorsement will only increase the desirability of what’s being sold which makes them even more sought after in this competitive world today

Recruitment Videos

There are several reasons to make recruitment videos, but the most compelling is that they can give potential employees in training insight and information about what life would be like working with your company. Recruitment videos help show off not just how successful you are as an organization but also convey its culture in a professional but fun manner so they’ll want more people on board!

Conference Video/ Exhibition Film

Conferences are a great opportunity for bringing together key stakeholders in your industry and company. Conferencing can provide valuable information on what challenges you might face, how to overcome them effectively from start to finish, with current trends or strategies that will be effective moving forward into the future!

The value of these conferences doesn’t just lie within hearing from different people – it also helps create content filmmakers like myself love capturing when filming at events such as this one

Social Responsibility Videos

Many people are looking for ways to give back and invest in their communities. Your business can be an attractive option if you have a vision that is bigger than just yourself, which many social responsibility videos communicate! testimonial videos show how this change affected other lives by documenting it through interviews with customers or clients who were helped by the company’s services

FAQ Videos

Annoyed by the number of questions that come up on your website? Liven it with a video and make things more interesting for visitors. You could have one employee answer all those common queries or even animated shorts that is just seconds long!

6 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Important 

Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

With the advances in camera technology, video is now a dominant force on social media. It’s no surprise that it has taken over from blogging as our primary form of communication and expression- but did you know how much money can be made by adding product videos? Product explainers have been shown to lead directly into sales for 74%. 

With a product video, you can increase conversions by 80% and lead directly to sales! Don’t miss out on this opportunity-start crafting exciting Youtube explainer videos now for your upcoming products or services that will be launching soon!

Video Builds Trust

You can’t build a healthy business on empty promises. A content marketing strategy that is focused on making sales will rely solely on what has been done in the past. So why not start thinking about how trust factors into conversions and long-term relationships between you and customers? That way when we find out our customer’s pain points (which isn’t too far off considering everything nowadays), there should be some sort of fix available for them because after all, it’s all just information right?!

Video is more powerful than words. It’s an engaging, emotion-filled way to tell your company story that will infuse customers with confidence in what they’re buying from you for years down the road

You can use promotional videos to foster trust. For some people, the internet is still not their go-to place for buying products and services because they fear fraud or being scammed. But using an engaging style on video that creates a sense of individual approach will make it more likely you’ll see success selling through these channels!

Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

The idea of an explainer video is catching on with businesses, and we can see why. 98% percent said they’ve watched a product or service introductory clip to learn more about what it has for them in terms of benefits; 45% reported that these videos were effective at getting their message across while 83% think this was the case when placed prominently on home pages as well!

Animation is an effective way to communicate complex ideas. It can make the difference between understanding and comprehending what you’re seeing, hearing, or reading for those of us with less attention span than we’d like (or maybe even deserve). Animation also has a certain timeless quality about it. It makes viewers feel transported back in time when watching classic movie cartoons.

You Can Use Video in a Variety of Ways

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all offer the opportunity to post stories that disappear after a certain amount of time. These can be super quick and cheap because you’re not investing anything in them other than your creativity! For these types of posts to work well though, it’s important to have an existing audience or fan base so if we want our messages to get across, someone views it for several months/years rather than just jumping into creating content right away when starting.

Live video is one of the newest trends in social media, and it’s not just for Facebook anymore. You can now watch live streams on YouTube or Twitch as well! Live streamers get six times as many interactions with their fans when they broadcast themselves in real-time!

Webinars are an excellent way to use video for you and your potential customers can interact with each other. You could answer questions specific about one of our products, or teach people something new about the industry through this informative webinar platform!

People Love Video

Video has indeed become an increasingly popular way for people to consume content. If you aren’t creating videos, then there is a risk of missing out on this trend and one of the most effective ways in which they are consuming information these days!

Videos are Great for SEO

It’s no secret that YouTube is a popular platform for video content these days. From personal videos to industry-leading conferences, there are countless ways you can use this site! One way is by uploading your uploads and targeting common search terms to get on top of Google rankings. But how do we know which ones? Well with some research into what users will type into their query bar when looking up information about particular topics.

How effective is Video Marketing

Video marketing campaigns are a great way to increase brand awareness and sell products. Research from Adobe shows that 50% of Internet users watch videos on their phone at least once per day, with 69% preferring to watch a video over reading text. With the rise in popularity of online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, video is becoming more popular as a medium for entertainment as well as information consumption. 

Have a comapny somehwere in New England? Interested in hiring a Boston video production team for your corporate video? You may not need to hire the most award winning production company, but it is important that they have ample production experience and compelling projects. You also need too look for production teams that do the full service when offering to make corporate videos.

Check out this article to know more about what you should ask before deciding to avail a corporate video production team!