Boston Headshot Photography

You have 0.2 seconds to make a first impression. Make a good one.

Consumers love seeing the heart and soul of people working at a company. After a “pricing” page, the “about” page is the most frequently visited. They want to see approachable, friendly, confident, and capable humans behind that corporate exterior.

There are two main types of headshots that I most often photograph for companies.

The “vanilla” solid background Boston headshot

Perfect for professional services like lawyers, accountants, IT managed services, and medical fields, these Boston headshots on a solid color (typically, white, light gray, dark gray) is perfect.

The “fuzzy background” modern Boston headshot

Using your office as a background, we create a series of Boston headshots that are a step above the “vanilla” solid background headshot. It’s often hard for my clients to picture what the fuzzy background looks like. I’ll be soon creating a behind the scenes of different spaces and the outcomes!

Boston Corporate Group Photos

Show off your C-suite executives. Give some love to your incoming interns! Show off each squad! These group photos perform great on LinkedIn, websites, and social media.

Boston Office Life Candids

Showcasing what life is like in the office will help clients connect with your team as humans. It’s also a recruitment tool to help prospective employees understand what the work culture is like at your company.

Boston Corporate Videography

Company Brand Story Video

Here’s where you can connect with you audience to tell your “why” and the story of how the company started. We have a professional scriptwriter on staff and can help you curate your messaging.

Social Media Videos

Whether it’s an instructional video, stop motion, or behind the scenes clips. We’re here to give you the freshest social media content that’s bound to drum up lots of engagement.

FAQ video

Why not answer your clients’ most frequently asked questions in a video?

Client testimonials

Let your clients rave about why you’re amazing and why they chose you out of everyone else. It’s great when someone else does the bragging for you.

Case studies

Show how you solve your client’s problems through video.

Marketing videos for digital ads

There’s a lot that goes into a 15 second digital ad. Let’s help you curate the best visuals for it.

What are the most common requests for corporate photography

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