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Are you looking for a Boston corporate photographer photographer who specializes in capturing your company’s culture and work environment?

No need to search further. I am a Boston based corporate photographer who specializes in telling the story of your business through images that are authentic, honest, and visually appealing.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established corporation with years under its belt, I offer custom photography services to suit any need or budget. You’ll receive high-quality images guaranteed not to let you down!

Here are just some of the types of pieces that I have done for corporate photography.

Boston Headshot Photography

You have 0.2 seconds to make a first impression. Make a good one. 

Consumers love seeing the heart and soul of people working at a company.

After a “pricing” page, the “about” page is the most frequently visited on your website.

They want to see images of the approachable, friendly, confident, and capable humans that are behind that corporate exterior.

Corporate photography service includes headshots of individuals to showcase each employees uniqueness.

They are also conservative yet versatile in use. Most of our customers can crop these into squares or circles for profile photos, or they can be in an elongated vertical shape so you can include then in projects reports, proposals, and publications.

Types of Headshots for Corporate Photography

There are two main types of headshots that I most often photograph for companies: a solid or a fuzzy background headshot.

The “Vanilla” Boston Headshot

This type of headshot is perfect for professional services like lawyers, accountants, IT managed services, and those working in the medical fields.

These Boston headshots on a solid color (typically, white, light gray, dark gray) which can be done in the studio are ideal.

The “Fuzzy background” Boston headshot

Using your office as a background, we create a series of modern Boston headshots that are a step above the “vanilla” solid background headshot.

It’s often hard for my clients to picture what the fuzzy background looks like. TO give you and idea, it is basically a portrait with a blurry background where the focus would still be on the individual but with an added flair of a professional location.

I’ll be soon creating a behind the scenes of different spaces and the outcomes!

Portraits for Corporate Photography

If these types of shot are too formal for your liking, you may also see some other styles of portraits I have done that might be a better fit for the vibe of your company!

Boston Corporate Group Photos 

It’s always good business to show off your C-suite executives. In fact, a lot of companies will use social media and other sites to show their executives’ faces.

Give some love to your incoming interns! Show off each squad!

These group photos show the dynamics of the type of people in your company and perform great on LinkedIn, websites, and social media. 

This kind of photo also gives off that family or unity vibe that is welcoming to the public!

Boston Office Life Candids

Showcasing what life is like in the office will help clients connect with your team as humans. Photographers can capture images of what services you offer, how you interact with co-employees, and how you treat customers!

It is also a recruitment tool to help prospective employees understand what the work culture is like at your company. 

Boston Corporate Videography

Working in a corporate office can be boring, but not with our Boston Corporate Videography service. We create an engaging experience for your employees by filming them while they work.

Aside from corporate photography, videography is also a great way to show off how hard they’re working and keep their morale up!

Our Boston Corporate Videography team is here to meet all of your videography needs. Let us show you the many ways we can work with you to get the perfect shots for your business. Our company offers different type of videos!

Company Brand Story Video 

Here’s where you can connect with you audience to tell your “why” and the story of how the company started. Oftentimes it is where you can connect by getting that good first impression.

To help you get your ideal video outcome that is perfect for your company, we have a professional scriptwriter on staff that can help you curate your messaging and set your standards for your new company brand story video!

Social Media Videos 

You can find that most people are on social media.

It’s where people get much of the daily scoop, whether it would be on the latest news, trends, or activities. You can get a whole lot of engagement with the general public on there.

Your company can create videos to be uploaded on social media too!

Whether it’s an instructional video, stop motion, or behind the scenes clips, we are here to give you the freshest social media content that’s bound to drum up lots of engagement for your services.

FAQ Video

Potential clients can be interested in your services, however it is not always that time permits a thorough discussion on both sides.

When a company is thorough about what professional services they offer, and what other services clients can expect from them, and what exactly your product is, most customers would be more willing to take you on because of that transparency and they immediately know what they would be expecting to get.

Frequently asked questions are often already on business websites, but thy not also answer your clients’ most frequently asked questions in a video? 

A video will really capture that human engagement and would be a more ideal setting to really explain the needed details you want your client to know.

Client Testimonials

How else could you strengthen the decision of the public to take up your services?

Let your clients rave about why you’re amazing and why they chose you out of everyone else. I love when my clients get excited about the work I’ve done for them. It makes me feel like a rock star!

We’ll help you get your clients talking about the great experience they had with you, because, after all it’s great when someone else does the bragging for you.

Case Studies 

Show how you solve your client’s problems through video.

Here, we help companies solve their biggest problems by using video. If you highlight your best work and show how you solved a client’s problem, people will be more likely to want to hire you.

We can show potential clients how you’ve helped other clients by putting together video case studies. It shows them that you know what you’re doing and makes them more confident in hiring you to do their project.

It’s important to make a quality video that illustrates the value you provide. This will help you stand out in the marketplace and attract customers who are interested in your work!

Marketing Videos for Digital Ads

There’s a lot that goes into a 15 second digital ad.

We have a pretty good idea of what type of graphic elements work best for digital ads. Visuals are a key part of digital advertising because they get attention, and capture the audience’s interest for your service.

Let’s help you curate the best visuals for it!

Nicole Loeb – Boston Corporate Photographer

You’ve spent all this time and energy on creating the perfect marketing materials for your company. Now you need to make sure they look just as good in real life!

If you need a Boston-based photographer or videographer to help capture your company’s unique story, please don’t hesitate to contact me! It would be my pleasure to work with you and create something that truly tells the truth about what makes your business special.

Learn more about Nicole, a Boston commercial photographer.