Boston Conference Photographer

What photography and videography services are available?

  • Fast turnaround of event coverage photography – 24-48 hour online gallery will be available. Same-day turnaround is available for media and press.
  • Headshot station – Allow for your conferences attendees to walk away with an updated and professional headshot
  • Video recap – Perfect for LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram Reels! Showcase a recap of the event to instill FOMO for those who did not attend. For those that did attend, share it with them to show off the great event that they attended.
  • Speaker video recordings – A bonus for speakers so that they can share a full
  • Specialized focus on sponsors and VIPs
  • Live-streaming – Allow for virtual attendees to enjoy and participate!
  • Video recordings – Recordings to be stored in Online Learning Center

Why Hire professional photography and videography for your Boston conference?

  1. Create buzz for next year!: The impact of professional event photography lasts long even after the conference or corporate event has ended. Having stunning, expert great quality images of your attendees participating in the learning, networking, and personal development that a conference or yearly meeting offers becomes a useful asset for creating the marketing plan and materials for the next event.
  2. Post-event marketing: Getting your special event covered by a professional event photographer not only saves images for lifelong memory but also helps in boosting your marketing strategies. You can enhance the reach of your special event by posting those professional photos and videos on social media handles, email marketing campaigns, websites, and many other channels. So, it is a one-time investment in professional photo shoots and you can use them at a number of marketing channels.
  3. Ability for your attendees (and their employers) to share in their networks: Corporate events and training programs are a two-way learning process for both the hosting company and the attendees. Both parties want to showcase their experiences from the events and there can’t be a more effective method than photos to do so. A professional photographer can provide you with some really great stuff to convince investors by showcasing your efforts for the long-term learning plan of employees. Likewise, you can hit a greater number of clients or customers when your employees share those event photographs in their social circle.

The most effective instrument for telling stories about ourselves and the world around us while capturing and preserving memories is event photography. It’s a wonderful method to save cherished memories about the important events you are a part of. But to get most out of your Boston event, you need a perfect event photographer.

What events will the Nicole Loeb photography and videography team cover?

  • Main stage event coverage: Speakers, panels, interviews,
  • Interactive coverage: Breakout rooms, fireside chats, Discussion tables, and Case studies session
  • Social gatherings, entertainment and off-site events: Many companies offer entertainment, whether it be a game at Fenway Park, an escape room at Trapology Boston, a tasting dinner at No. 9 Park

Nicole Loeb – The Best Conference Photographer and Videographer team in Boston


Contact: 617-506-9059

Nicole L0eb is a Boston conference and event photographer with a strong background in storytelling photojournalism photography. She crafts a sincere account of the authentic moments you didn’t even know existed but that you surely don’t want to miss. Her artistic images, which are full of character and sincerity, are a reflection of the energy of your event. She commits to approaching your event with an open mind and is excited to produce genuine images for you, your board of directors, and your company. She has photographed events ranging from non-profit galas, conferences, fundraisers, and advertising campaigns.

Services & Expertise

Not only is Nicole the best wedding photographer in New England but also in the entire world. Nicole and her team also try their best to make your event photographs an ever-lasting memory by going the extra mile and taking quality images. She is aware of how to handle the breakout sessions and makes a genuine effort to maintain a calm environment during the shoot. She is great at giving posing guidance and confidently navigating them so that they don’t feel awkward and shy in front of the camera eventually resulting in great-quality images.

Her event photography combines photojournalism, naturally posed pictures with reportage photography. Her ultimate goal is to quietly capture the genuine and real moments of her clients. She create images that are both thoughtful and significant.

Nicole Loeb should be everyone’s first choice when looking for event photographers for their Boston event. She is the epitome of warmth, organization, professionalism, and talent and knows how to bring her client vision for their events a reality.

She has photographed almost in 60 countries and is always ready for an adventure. Prior to being a full time photographer, Nicole’s She used to be a management consultant with a focus on financial and technological strategy before becoming a photographer.

She has also covered many multicultural weddings in Boston and other parts of the world and is an expert when it comes to candid photographs and has a diverse clientele from all over the world.  She assists businesses in producing a full range of photos and videos for their websites, social media posts, and marketing initiatives, including headshots to company story films to editorial portraits for magazines and social media.

Additionally, for families that enjoy taking family portraits, a two hour family photography session with an unlimited number of costume changes and settings is also offered.

We’d love to be there for you!

That is why hiring professional event photography and videography while organizing a conference or corporate event is one of the best and wisest decisions you can make.

So, if you are someone in Boston that is looking for a professional and energetic event photographer that can cover a big conference or corporate event hosted by your company let me tell you, you are at the right place since Boston is filled with the best of the best Boston event photographers providing high-quality images.

The top event planners and event photographers in Boston have a wide variety of expertise and are equally comfortable documenting a small gathering or a sizable conference. The best part is that they all are energetic event photographers with other endearing qualities such as enthusiasm, imagination, and qualification, and they are adept at capturing the essence of their clients real moments in their work.

If your company is hosting a big conference event in Boston, consider hiring the Nicole Loeb and her team to capture all of your hard work. The city won’t let you down when it comes to a selection of event photographers in Boston to capture your live programs and corporate events.

Whether you’re looking for the best photographer for covering photograph events ranging your birthday parties, company grand opening, award ceremony, or any other event; Nicole Chan can be your number one choice for enduring durations spanning in Boston. She will capture the real essence of your moments, providing you with high-quality images, and will always go the extra mile for you. Whether it is a two hours event or one lasting ten days, she can cover it all for you.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re just a click away from hiring the best conference event and wedding photographer in town. Just give them a call for your next event and they will confidently navigate to your location and cover your event so beautifully that everyone will be gushing about it. So, if you want someone that will work harder than anyone else at your events, contact Nicole Loeb. and her team