I was born and raised in Boston. I love New England’s architecture for its mix of styles and unique charm, from old colonial buildings to modern skyscrapers. The buildings here tell a story that’s deeply rooted in England’s own architectural history.

I’ve always been a Type A person. While it drives my husband a bit crazy, you will benefit from my neurotic organization and obsession with best light and color.

My architecture and interior photography process

My photography process is collaborative, goal-oriented, and intentional.

Kick off call

First, let’s start off with an initial conversation, whether via email, phone, or video chat, so that I can understand your vision, and goals for the photos and videos. What is the intent of the architectural photography photos and videos? How will they be used? What platform (website, social, editorial, print, etc.) will they mainly be viewed on? What message are we trying to convey?

Site Visit

From there, we’ll determine if a site visit is needed. During the site visits, we work closely with our clients to meticulously plan for optimal lighting conditions, best angle for the images, and compositions that best display the space. This includes crafting a tailored list for the photoshoot based on what is needed for both Boston exterior and interior photography.

Production & Photoshoot Day

As photoshoot day arrives, attention to detail coupled with flexibility takes center stage. All of our tilt-shift lenses are cleaned (critical in reducing distortion in images of tall structures and interior spaces)

We have different lighting strategies for different spaces – some we can use available light, and sometimes we’ll bring in larger lights to emulate natural light.

Our tethered monitor is set up so that our client can see the images in real time on a client viewing monitor.


Subsequent to capturing architectural photography images comes an extensive post-production phase where painstaking retouching efforts take place—this involves merging layers and making refined adjustments all while keeping client preferences at heart—to ensure each image mirrors both aesthetic appeal and technical intricacies inherent within architectural designs. Sometimes embodying a story or projecting a distinct sense of identity associated with them.

My Boston architectural photographer style is vibrant, authentic and impactful. I prioritize capturing the architectural intent, design considerations, the environmental context, historical accuracy, and architectural beauty to exceed client-specific project goals.

Architectural photography and videography services offered

In addition to the typical interior and exterior architectural photography, my Boston team and I offer:


Motion pieces that are useful for architects and designers include video walkthroughs, behind the scenes, and interviews about the design inspiration.


In addition to “on the ground” architectural photographer work, we also provide drone photography and videography. We are licensed FAA107 operators, which presents unique perspectives by capturing building images from otherwise unattainable viewpoints. This perspectives showcases not only the architecture’s individuality but its commendable aspects as well.For comprehensive aerial imagery, we deliver helicopter-based photographic sessions. These allow us to utilize a variety of large-scale professional cameras thanks to the helicopters’ greater lifting capacity compared with drones.

Social Media Content Creation

Bite sized content formatted for instagram, youtube shorts, tiktok, etc.

Considerations I Am Keenly Aware Of as an Architectural Photographer

Highlight the Uniqueness

Capturing the essence of what the architect or designer envisioned is crucial for us. We strive to embody their unique vision and showcase their creativity in each of our projects.

How a Building Fits into Its Surroundings

We’re passionate about illustrating how buildings integrate with their environment. We aim to capture vibrant scenes that depict buildings in harmony with their surroundings, bustling with life or serene in solitude.

Keeping Elements Historically Accurate

It’s vital to maintain historical integrity, especially when dealing with New England restoration projects or historically significant buildings, as is often the case in Boston. As an architectural photographer, we ensure that our photographs authentically reflect the true spirit and heritage of each building.

Being Flexible and Collaborative

Flexibility and collaboration are key in our architectural photographer work. Whether we’re photographing residential homes or commercial properties, we tailor our approach to meet the diverse expectations of our clients and address the specific goals of each project.

Showcasing different angles (aerials, lifestyle, etc)

Besides the classic hero shots of interiors and exteriors, I also enjoy capturing lifestyle images (showing people enjoying the space) and doing aerial or drone photography when it fits the project.

Interior photography techniques I Use

Our approach involves a range of advanced techniques and equipment to capture the best possible views. We use specialized gear like tilt-shift lenses which are crucial for adjusting angles and perspectives. These lenses help control perspective and keep vertical lines straight, avoiding the distortion that often happens in photos of tall buildings taken from ground level.

Light manipulation is key to the success of our work. We’ve developed expertise in managing both natural and artificial light to highlight spaces in the best possible conditions by:

  • Understanding different color temperatures
  • Choosing the best times to shoot
  • Using stabilizing gear like tripods
  • Implementing HDR imaging to create even, realistic lighting.

We also take our post-production seriously, engaging in high-level retouching to enhance each image far beyond basic adjustments. Our process involves careful proof selection followed by detailed image enhancement to truly reflect the essence of the architectural work.

By using these sophisticated methods, we ensure that each photograph not only captures the unique style and character of every architectural photographer project but also tells a compelling visual story of the architectural vision.

The architecture of New England has a special resonance for me. The region’s architectural tapestry, stretching from the Georgian-inspired early colonial structures to Victorian-era community buildings and contemporary high-rises, embodies Boston’s varied and vibrant character.

In Bostonian and New England architecture, Federal Architecture stands out as its hallmark style. Pioneers like Charles Bulfinch and Asher Benjamin have left an indelible mark on the city with their symmetrical designs adorned by meticulous embellishments – subjects that are a delight to capture through my lens in this realm of Boston architectural splendor.

As an architectural photographer based in New England—a region I’ve been drawn to from an early age—I strive to create images that not only showcase buildings in the best light but also offer a glimpse into their real-life settings. This approach aims to provide potential buyers with an immersive experience, allowing them to envision themselves within the spaces. Capturing the distinct architectural styles of New England, from the quaint colonial homes to the innovative modern developments, is about more than just photography; it’s about telling a story that resonates with potential buyers. By highlighting these unique properties in the most attractive and authentic way, I help potential buyers see the true potential and charm of each building, connecting the architectural beauty of New England with those looking to make it a part of their lives.

I’d love to talk to you more about your project. Email me here.