Best Light Stand Bag for Photographers

I love my light stands because they allow for some incredible off-camera light for dark wedding venues or when I want a quality of light that isn’t typically available via the ambient light! For my commercial work, it’s typical that I bring multiple stands for strobes, reflectors, scrims, etc. As you all know, I’m a big bag nerd. I’d like to share some of my favorite light stand bag here.

Check out our list below or skip and head on to two of my favorite light stand bags!

Manfrotto MB MBAG80PN Padded 80cm Tripod Bag


  • Durable 80 cm tripod bag for transport
  • Thermoform padding for protection, including delicate head
  • Durable water repellent design to minimize wear and tear
  • Fully zippered closure for easy access
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying

The durable comfortably padded Manfrotto Tripod Bag is the perfect traveling companion for your larger tripod. You won’t have to worry about wear and tear or whether you’re going to be comfortable during your travels with this bag’s Thermoform padding – it will keep everything in place!

This heavy-duty tripod bag was designed for maximum durability and weatherproofing, making it perfect to protect your expensive equipment when carrying or transporting. With its Thermoform padding that acts as a buffer between the hard edges of the legs/head on your tripod and exterior, this product gives added protection against bumps along with easier transportation.

The tripod bag is perfect for my light stand set because it has a full-length zipper that allows for quick removal and insertion of your camera. The asymmetrical design makes it easier to carry, and the adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfort while transporting. This durable fabric will keep your equipment safe on the go!

Think Tank Photo Stand Manager 52


  • Crush resistant ABS twin-wall provides end-to-end reinforcement
  • Oversized, shock-absorbing wheels roll smoothly and hold up under the toughest conditions
  • 52” of internal height for those extra-large modifiers or gel rolls
  • Multiple tie-down straps secure your stands on the inside of the bag
  • Exterior Dimensions: 12.5” W x 54” H x 4.5–8” D (31.8 x 137.1 x 11.4–20.3 cm), Interior Dimensions: 12” W x 52 H x 4–7.5” D (30.5 x 132 x 10.1–19 cm), Weight: 12.1 lbs. (5.5 kg)

I love everything that Think Tank makes.

This is the ultimate light stand bag!

The Stand Manager 52 has been enhanced with a truly innovative design. With both internal tie-downs and an external compression system, you can ensure your stands stay firmly in place during transport to and from the shoot location. The stand case also includes four padded handles for easy loading while protecting them on their journey along with rear skid rails which help it glide effortlessly over any surface when being moved around.

Stand Bagger Grab and Go Model 8

This light stand bag is great for photographers who use medium-length stands up to 41” (104cm). It can accommodate 2-8’ stands, two umbrellas, and one or more speedlights if needed! The included nylon umbrella bag holds two of your favorite accessories and the comfortable shoulder strap provides a secure way to carry everything around.

Aside from these practical features, the bag also has a slip-resistant shoulder pad to avoid dropping your bag when on the run and a protective drawstring top to seal the bag tightly yet can easily be opened. 

The padded double-layered bottom and padded strobe pockets ensure that your equipment will be secured when inside and if accidentally hit on a hard surface, your stands and tripods will take the minimal shock. 

Gator Cases Speaker Stand Bag 50″ Interior With 2 Compartments

This lightweight, high-quality carrying bag is a perfect accessory to have for your speakers and stands. It’s roomy enough that you can store all of it in one place so there won’t be any misplacing!


  • This product comes with a deluxe protective, lightweight carrying bag for speakers, microphones, lighting stands, and more that you can fit in this multi-purpose bag! It has dual compartments to keep your gear safe and organized. 
  • Now you can fit up to 6 microphone stands easily in this speaker stand cabinet. The space is big enough for 2 standard-sized speakers (Less than 50”), too!
  • It has 2 independent heavy-duty zipper enclosures that secure the two storage compartments 
  • The rugged nylon forms a water-resistant, tear-resistant exterior 
  • The bag comes with reinforced, padded handles to provide a firm, comfortable grip

Gator Cases designs impact-resistant cases for your instruments and gear. With a wide range of materials, sizes, and protection levels at their disposal they’re sure to find something that fits you! It isn’t hard to trust Gator with protecting your equipment forever after seeing the quality in workmanship put into each product.

Hensel Large, Unpadded Bag for Light Stands & Umbrellas


  • Size: 43.3″ (110 cm.) Long x about 7″ (18 cm.) in Diameter.
  • Has a full-length zipper for easy access.
  • The bag features sewn around carrying handles for better support.
  • wide, comfortable carrying strap.

Slinger L6 BigBag C-Stand Rolling Kit Bag for 3 Stand

The black C-Stand Rolling Kit Bag from SLINGER makes it easy to carry around up to three first-class stands with removable bases, arms, and related knuckles.


  • BigBag C-Stand Rolling Kit Bag for 3 Stands (Black)
  • 3 complete C-Stands for transport ease
  • 2 ABS wheels
  • 4 Padded Dividers protect columns and support equipment from abrasions
  • Weather seal zippers 

The main compartment of the bag is super bright, with a high-visibility orange lining. The touch-fastening fabric straps are designed to keep things from shifting around inside your pack while you travel long distances between studios or wherever it may be that you need to take your equipment and modifiers. It’s fully padded on the interior so all of this gear stays nice and safe even though there’s enough space for cables too!

The durable outer shell with triple-stitched seams and weatherproof sealing is enhanced by the water-resistant polyester defenses of the black ballistic nylon exterior.

The windowed business card holder, glide rails, and wheels on the sidecar carry handle make it easy for photographers to move their equipment. The top and bottom drag handles allow them to easily lift or transport the product upright. 

f.64 LSB – Photography Light Stand & Tripod Bag Case

The F.64 LSB Light Stand Bag is a 600 denier Polyester bag that carries lighter stands and umbrellas comfortably without risking damage to the equipment inside. 

The interior pocket will hold your umbrella while two exterior zippered pockets on either end are perfect for smaller accessories like gels or clips, which you can carry by detachable shoulder strap or wraparound leather handles

Manfrotto Light Stand Bag 110cm for 3 large light stands


  • Transport and carry up to 3 light stand poles easily
  • Durable, long-lasting nylon design
  • Water repellent – perfect for unpredictable weather
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder strap
  • High-quality Italian design

This heavy-duty light stand bag is the perfect choice for photographers on the go. It has long-lasting, portable, and versatile features that you will find useful when traveling to different locations or during shoots.

This strong, water-repellent bag can carry up to 3 light stands of 109cm. Its nylon is incredibly durable and has the capacity for surprisingly heavy payloads! You don’t have to worry about your equipment getting wet even in rain or snow.

This bag is great for storing long poles, which can be unwieldy to carry separately when you’re in a busy location. The comfortably padded shoulder strap makes it easy and comfortable to wear the pack while transporting your gear quickly with excellent zippers!

Heavy-duty, this Italian-made bag provides an excellent traveling companion. Whether you’re shooting in the great outdoors or out on urban adventures, it’s guaranteed to stand the test of time!


Light stand bags FAQ:

Should I get a light stand bag that is padded or unpadded?

Some photographers wouldn’t bother with a padded bag for a light stand if extra protection is needed for the light stands. This is true as long as you pack your stand securely. Many photographers also claim that accidentally dropping your light stand bag will cause almost the same damage whether padded or unpadded. So not much protection there unless we talk about minimal bumps and small falls!

It is important to note that a photographer’s camera bag should be comfortable for them since it can put a strain on the shoulders and back if not carried properly. Padded light stands are ideal because your heavy photography equipment won’t press down that much which reduces back pain while walking long distances with these bulky things around.

Should I get a light stand bag that has wheels?

If you’re looking to buy a light stand bag for traveling, you may have come across wheeled bags during your search. We outlined some pros and cons of these types of tripod cases so that they would help with future purchases!


  • With wheeled bags, you can either carry your equipment on your back or you can simply wheel them smoothly.
  • Protect your back by giving it rest while the wheels on the light stand bag carry your heavy load. This is probably the greatest plus for any wheeled light stand bags out there. 
  • It’s great if you’re a busy photographer traveling in between airports or train stations


  • The wheels on your light stand bag may add weight whenever you need to carry the bag around
  • Wheels are not effective in rocky terrain and using them will only do damage to the light stand bag and also the equipment inside
  • You may look a little bit awkward when carrying wheeled light stand bags on your back!

What’s the ideal height of a light stand bag?

Light stand bags come in a lot of sizes and shapes but I suggest finding one that fits at least medium length light stands (100-110 cm)

Will this light stand bag fit in my trunk?

Always check dimensions when ordering and before checking out! Contact your seller so your purchase won’t go to waste!

What’s the best light stand bag for wedding photographers?

Think Tank’s Stand Manager 52 is especially useful for simple one- or two-light portrait shoots during weddings. In this bag you can put sandbags, C-stands, a couple of smaller and lighter-weight stands, a 46-inch white umbrella, a 28-inch deep parabolic softbox, and some tripods.

Its wheels are also especially effective when transporting equipment throughout wedding venues. It smoothly rolls along with event floors without you being tired from lifting this equipment with your back!

What’s the best tripod bag for wedding videographers?

Manfrotto Padded Tripod Bag (100 cm)

Most videographers tend to look for sturdy, durable video tripod bags that are an ideal fit with their gear. The Manfrotto MB MBAG100PN Tripod Bag offers just this and more!

The tripod is made from water-repellent synthetic fabric, so even if it gets scratched or torn the damage won’t be too severe. The most important design feature of this product is how well padded everything has been thought out to prevent any accidental damages in case you drop your tripod on accident while transporting it.

The bag has a lot of storage room and allows for quick access to all accessories with one zipper on top and another large zippable compartment. It’s perfect for professional tripods, but also holds smaller items like cables or secondary tripod head plates in an additional pocket inside the bag.