Best Boston Wardrobe Stylist

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Are you a Photographer based in Boston or somewhere close? Have you ever had an amazing photo idea, but the clothes were just not working? You need to search for a Boston Wardrobe Stylist!

Finding the best Boston wardrobe stylist is a great asset for your your team. They can help you plan the perfect outfit! It can be for any occasion. They make sure that everything fits just right. Read on to find out the best personal stylist in Boston, MA that will work perfectly with your creative ideas.  

Ennis, Inc. 

Daria Meneche

Daria is a wardrobe stylist from Los Angeles, New York City, and Boston. She focuses on giving clients with stylish outfits and helping them discover how clothes can be tools to enhance appearance. She believes that clothes provide confidence when worn properly at work or play.

This creative wardrobe stylist helps people find their inner style through positivity! Daria is also a positivity coach! With her Youtube channel, she features different special guests every month to help us practice mindfulness. She sprinkles in some fun color so we can remind ourselves why it is worth living!

Lizzy Williams

Lizzy Williams, stylist and art director is originally from the Green Mountains of Vermont. She received a number of intensive hands-on training in prop production, photo styling for VT Teddy Bear (Pajama Gram) & Gardener’s Supply Co. After graduating she worked six years as staff photographer/producer at both companies

Lizzy is extremely organized as well as being having the get it done attitude. Lizzy’s favorite part about photo styling and art directing is the challenge of the work. She is also inclined in building color and texture stories and playing with people’s imaginations.

Vincent Russo

Vincent Russo originally hails from upstate New York. He moved to Boston in 2010 to pursue a degree in Fashion Management. During his busy schedule of classes and internships, Vincent started Vincent Russo Designs. This served as an outlet for his love for jewelry

Vincent brings a unique skill set to his job, which can be applied in many different retail settings. He is skilled at Visual Merchandising, Trend Forecasting, Sales Analysis and Fashion Styling. Apart from that, he has extraordinary organizational skills that are vital for any business setting. 

Vincent’s years of experience, drive for excellence and extensive industry knowledge have been the foundation to his career as an entrepreneurial professional.

Anchor Artists

Kelly Porter

Kelly is a fashion expert with the skills and experience to work in high volume studios. Her extensive corporate background gives her insight into how important it is to complete every service on time without compromising quality or creativity. She’s eager for any challenge, loves being part of teams, and excels at completing tasks quickly while maintaining excellent results.

Janine Maggiore

Janine, a skilled fashion consultant and interior designer. With extensive experience in wardrobe & prop/set styling, she is looking to explore new opportunities. She can generate fresh solutions for an extended list of customers

Janine’s 20 years of experience allow her to provide beautiful, functional and curated solutions that are on budget and on schedule. With exceptional quality and attention to detail she is recognized for ability in executing large jobs smoothly.

Other Personal Stylist to Personal Shopping


Boston, MA

(617) 821-8212

Kerry Waterman Epstein opened Fetching where she can help you find the perfect shoe, bag, suit or dress to wear. She is a fashion guru in her circle and has been working with clients to find them what they need for years now.

Fetching is a premier styling firm based in Boston. Even though it has featured in many style magazines, it doesn’t mean you have to spend much money for them! That’s because they know what they’re doing and can help anyone look great!

Fetching is known for being affordable. That’s true especially when it is related to dressing and styling the modern woman. Their complete image assessment, wardrobe review and consultations and personal shopping services can help a customer look her best in any circumstance or occasion without breaking a bank!

Missy McInnis

Missy McInnis

Boston, MA

(781) 254-9212

Missy McInnis is a branding expert for women who believes that “look good, feel good, play good” should not just be an attitude but one she gives to her clients as well. Taking a fully hands-on approach, Missy assesses your lifestyle and evaluates your needs with the goal of making you more personalized while still comfortable.

When you hook your cloes with Missy McInns, it gets put to the test. To begin, she’ll assess your lifestyle and needs by looking at what’s in your wardrobe and how much of it is actually getting worn (and used). From there, her services help hone “the infinite variety” of fashion choices down into specific looks that are best suited for you. People often tell Missy that working together felt like they had their most trusted friend reviewing outfits before heading out on a night out – but only if said friends were super stylish!

Missy McInnis is a top wardrobe stylist in the Bay Area. She can help you with all your styling needs whether you’re looking for someone to edit your current wardrobe or to help you shop for an entirely new one.

Marina Elizabeth

Dorchester, MA

(617) 283-6721

Personal shopper and stylist Marina Elizabeth takes her customers’ new image beyond their stuffy closet to include a whole life experience. If you want your full look transformed outside of just clothes, she is the one for you!

Marina Elizabeth will help you get the most fashion bang for your buck, and she specializes in working within almost any budget. She’s also available to give closet consultations as well as make personal shopper appointments so that you can update or redo your wardrobe. Marina is able to arrange “fashion swaps” where everyone brings their unwanted clothes and finds new ones at no cost!


Boston, MA

(617) 763-9045

Alisa Neely, a fashion blogger and stylist with close ties to the Boston community is responsible for SCOUT. With her award-winning work in fashion having been showcased all around the world, you can rest assure that your needs will be met when it comes to clothing shopping.

Kate Taylor

Kate has been in the fashion industry and learned many different aspects of it. She worked as a VP at a clothing company where she got to work on designing clothes, styling them for shoots, doing trade shows and attending various events such as Fashion Weeks.

Kate is also lucky to have an amazing opportunity to become a full-time professional makeup artist for high fashion and editorial looks where she works with models, designers, brides and more!

Styled by Gilda

Gilda Miranda is a stylist who helps everyone from young adults to older clients create and maintain an evolving, versatile wardrobe. As well as creating this look for all of her clients, Gilda teaches them how they can be more mindful about what works best in their closet based on practicality and trends.

She is very willing to work on developing your “eye” so you can walk away knowing what works best for your lifestyle and body type.

Samantha Dowson

As a trusted style advisor for more than ten years, Samantha Dowson has expanded her business to better serve clients who are professionals seeking fashion advice without the stress.

Samantha’s method for developing one’s own sense of fashion identity involves working closely together in partnership with her client to understand how they want to present themselves. She then provides them candid advice that will help guide them through the steps they need take achieve these goals. 

Samantha has many years under her belt having worked hands-on giving people direct feedback about what works well or doesn’t work so well coupled along side this ability she possesses an extensive amount of knowledge derived from being in this business all while staying true towards who she really is as a designer. 

Found the best Boston wardrobe stylist for you? You can always contact them through their website, email or phone.