I’m Nicole Loeb, and I am a Boston lifestyle photographer, telling vibrant and joyful stories for commercial brands.

I’m Nicole Loeb.

I am a Boston photographer and videographer telling vibrant stories for commercial brands. My images are joyful, colorful, and evoke emotion.

Eleven years ago, I escaped a corporate life in management consulting. However, my type A personality still operates in excel and decks. Some things never change.

Photography has taught me to be an efficient problem solver and creatively curious.

I get a lot of inspiration from my travel adventures. I’ve hunted with the Hadzabe bushmen tribe in Tanzania and trekked the world’s largest cave in the world for a week.

Though I was born and raised in Boston, I do not have the accent and I’m not a Masshole. I’ve photographed almost all of the big name Boston sports players, but I know nothing about sports. I talked to Tom Brady about doing laundry.

(617) 506-9059
Boston, MA (and passport-ready!)

Click above to read my childhood story
with a mother as a microbiologist

Client List

Harvard Medical School
Eastern Bank
Bentley University
Purdue University
Boston Scientific
Museum of Science
VPR Creative Group

Autism Speaks
Boston Common Magazine
1910 Genetics
Room To Grow
Captains of Industry
Hampshire House
Entrepreneurs’ Organization

9 Tailors
Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute FCCI
Tiny Spoon Chef
Trapology Boston
Lovin’ Spoonfuls
Galvin Construction
Dental Associates
Haymakers For Hope

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