30 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Boston Corporate Video

Paytronix office photos in newton photographed by boston photographer nicole loeb

Do you want to create a Boston corporate video? If so, there are many factors that need to be considered before the process begins. It is important for you to ask yourself these thirty questions beforehand in order to make an informed decision and find the best fit production company.

Establish Your Goals

Paytronix office photos in newton photographed by boston photographer nicole loeb

The first important thing to keep in mind when making any type of promotional video is establishing your goals early on – before anything else has been made yet. This way you know whether or not certain things need tweaking later down the line. Here are a few questions to ask before your Boston video production.

1) What are my goals for the video?

2) How much time can I dedicate towards this project on a daily basis?

3) Is there anything specific that I want to do or say in this video’s script?

4) Will there be special effects involved in this project at all (green screen, animations)?

5) Who will be involved in the video?

6) How can I make my storytelling clear?

7) What creative elements do I want to include?

8) Where will the location of the shoot be?

9) What kind of video content do I want to have?

10) What is the story you want to tell?

11) What is your overall concept?

12) How do you want your business to stand out with your video?

Know Your Audience

Paytronix office photos in newton photographed by boston photographer nicole loeb

Knowing your audience will allow you to set clear goals. Knowing what they want, and how best to get them there is key in any marketing plan.

13) Will my target audience primarily speak English or another language?

14) Will I be able to show them a quality video?

15) Will my vision be easily understood by the audience?

Set an Appropriate Budget

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When it comes to corporate videos, a realistic budget should be set. This way you can have the best experience while producing your video and ultimately achieve success in marketing your company’s products or services.

16) What kind of budget do I have available for this project?

Search for the Perfect Video Production Company

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With your story in hand, contact the production company and see if they can help you bring it to life.

17) Has the company ever produced any videos?

18) Have they produced corporate videos before?

19) Who will be in charge of producing and editing it?

20) How long have they been in the industry?

21) What types of videos do they produce?

22) What is their production process?

23) Do they provide high quality video production services?

24) What equipment do they use for their projects?

25) Who is the team behind the video production?

26) Does the video company deliver clear messages in their past videos?

27) Do they produce creative marketing content?

28) Can they make my vision come to life?

29) What is their timeline for the whole process of the corporate video production?

30) What makes them different from other production companies?

We hope this post has helped you better understand the process of creating a Boston corporate video. It’s an exciting project to embark on, but it can be daunting without knowing what your goals are or who your audience is. To help get started, we recommend taking some time to identify and answer these questions before hiring a videographer to produce your next corporate video.

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